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5 Advantages Of Getting a Colonoscopy Done

Colonoscopy can be defined as the procedure of examining the colon and the abdomen area by inserting a flexible fiberoptic scope with a video camera through the rectum. It is widely used to treat abnormalities in the colon. Though the process may sound scary, with the right doctor who is trained to perform the examination, Read More…

Cologuard Technology



Testing for colon cancer just got easier. If you don’t already know, Cologuard is a new competing technology for colon cancer screening that is simple and ease of use. It involves no prep, no sedation, and most importantly, its effective. What exactly is Cologuard? Cologuard is a cancer detection test. Specifically, it tests for genetic Read More…

Vernon Receives Recognition – North Carolina Gastroenterologist



The practice of Kurt Vernon, MD, The GI Guy, is proud to announce that we have received a ‘Tier 1 Designation”, a high quality recognition from one of the nation’s largest health insurers – Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.  BCBSNC Tiered Network utilizes administrative claims data to identify high quality, low cost providers and Read More…