3 Signs That Say You Need a Colonoscopy!

A colonoscopy is never thought of as a pleasant experience, but it needs to be done when it does. Often, we delay and neglect many signs of our body that later go on to become dangerous to our very existence. This is why it is very necessary, that we pay heed to the signs of our being and act accordingly.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 3 symptoms or signs that if and when they appear, might need a colonoscopy to be absolutely sure of. Here’s a look –

1.White ball like substances in stool

It’s a weird curiosity that leads us to look at our stool, after we are done, but there is probably a healthy aspect to it. Our waste is often a great show of our internal health and if you see whitish balls in your stool, then it might be time for a colonoscopy.

Mostly, these balls are undigested food that are expelled from our stomach, but sometimes there may be more fatal reasons behind it. One of the many benefits of colonoscopy is that it can help you rule out the bad ones and even make way for a better lifestyle in the future.

raleigh colonoscopy

2.Rectal bleeding

Some of us already know the horrific feeling of blood in stool and if you come across it without any reason for it, then getting a colonoscopy is very important. Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of a lot of GI tract problems including and not exclusive to colon cancer.

However, with the help of a colonoscopy, you can get to the bottom of the whole matter and be sure that there is no such problem. After that getting a healthy diet habit is definitely a great idea – whatever the cause of the problem may be.

3.Gassy and bloated feeling

Every once in a while, we all feel a little gassy and bloated, but if it keeps on happening persistently, then getting a colonoscopy is probably the best idea. The reasons for such a feeling can be anything from not enough fiber in diet to ulcer in the stomach or even gall stones. With the help of a colonoscopy and an ultrasonography, you can know what really is the matter.

These are the 3 symptoms that need immediate attention from the best colonoscopy doctor you can find. So, what are you still waiting for? Get things checked and you do not have to live in fear anymore!

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