The Gi Diseases That Never Cease And The Esteemed Doctor Who Fixes It

Gastrointestinal diseases or commonly known as GI tract issues affect more people than you can even imagine. Carefully put together stats prove this point further. Here is first understanding the number of people affected by different types of GI diseases in the United States alone.

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The total number of people affected by any digestive diseases: 60 to 70 million

Number of cases which required office visits to the doctor: 48.3 million

Number of cases who had to be submitted to the emergency department: 7.9 million

Total number of people who had to be hospitalized to undergo several procedures: 21.7 million

Mortality or number of GI disease-related deaths: 245, 921 people
Total cost incurred every year (minimum): $141.8 billion and rising

The numbers look a bit scary, don’t they? But here is looking at some of the most common gastrointestinal diseases and a number of people affected by it. (The numbers are suggestive of people affected every year).


Hernia: 3.6 million
Chronic Constipation: 63 million
Gallstones: 20 million
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: 20 percent of the population every week
Hemorrhoids: 75 percent of the people over the age of 40
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: 15.3 million
Crohn’s Disease: 359,000
Liver Diseases: 3 million
Hepatitis (A, B and C combined): 5.3 million
Pancreatitis: 1.1 million people

Thus, it can be very well-established that a large population of the people suffers from gut problems and the number is only increasing. With a fast lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, gastrointestinal problems are becoming common. If left untreated in the early stages, it can become fatal and life-threatening. Hence, a quick visit to a good doctor is of utmost necessity. Be it getting a GI endoscopy or a colonoscopy, an X-Ray or a normal examination, it is important to get yourself checked in order to keep yourself healthy and fine.

But what happens when you are down with symptoms that are beyond your comprehension?

Meet the doctor that you need to visit.Because he has all the answer you need.

Dr. Kurt Vernon, MD, is a Board Certified gastroenterologist and colonoscopy Raleigh NC expert who has been practicing in the medical field more over 20 years. He is a fellow member of American College of Gastroenterology, American College of Physicians and American Anti-Aging Academy. He completed his MD from the renowned Howard University College of Medicine in Washington DC. But his credentials are not limited to the impressive degrees he has garnered through hard work and dedication.

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Dr. Vernon is a skilled practitioner and has been curing patients with compassion and an extensive knowledge. He has access to the best and latest equipment which further helps him make a proper and accurate diagnosis of the disease. His talent makes him equipped to treat a vast array of gastrointestinal diseases like cancer, colon issues, digestive problems, rectal screenings and much more.

Dr. Vernon is recognized as one of the best doctors in Fuquay Varina NC and beyond. Charging a nominal fee to diagnose and treat his patients, he is the person who can treat the incurable.
If you are suffering from any gastrointestinal diseases, then it is time you get an appointment with Dr. Kurt Vernon. The guy who believes in personalized care promises to treat you.

Live healthily, live happily.





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