3 Benefits Of Greek Yogurt And Why It’s Good For Your Gut?

Greek yogurt has seen a massive rising in its popularity over the last 10 years and rightfully so. The superfood has multifaceted properties that can get you all the good things and make everything from your gut to your skin look a lot better.

The specialty of this food lies in the extra bit of processing that Greek yogurt manufacturers take it through – draining out more lactose and making it a tart tasting wonder food. Now, let’s take a look at the 3 benefits –

1.Start with your gut

One of the main benefits of the Greek yogurt according to gastroenterology specialist is that it contains a lot of probiotics or healthy bacteria and improve your gut microbiome! This makes it easier for you to stay resistant to gut related problems and aids your overall digestive process. It’s a beauty of a thing – and the effects of this superfood are so profound that over time, people become pretty much immune to any gut related problems.

Don’t we all want that?

2.A good amount of protein

The Greek yogurt has a lot of protein, much more than your regular serving of milk and that is what makes it such a great thing to add to your diet. The benefits and necessity of protein in our system is well-known and it is an essential macro nutrient in our body that helps in maintaining regular function.

For people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, this food makes an indispensable source of protein and there is no way for you to get anything better and so easily digestible. 100 grams of Greek yogurt can contain anywhere between 12 to 17 grams of protein!

3.Getting your Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is a necessity for the body and it is required to make red blood cells, synthesize DNA, and a lot of other important stuffs. Consuming a serving of Greek yogurt is a great alternative for Vitamin B-12 supplements and you will finally be able to savor all of it. Also, you will not need to depend as much on supplements and meat and poultry food anymore, so that is a refreshing change of pace.

These are the 3 benefits of this superfood and it is very to tasty to eat as well. It helps with a lot of things, but most importantly it reduces your problems of hemorrhoids and visiting digestive health specialists! So why not have it?

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