Colonoscopy: What It Can Detect And Why Is It Important? | April 10th, 2018

It was during the 1960s that the first design for colonoscope was developed at Tokyo University. In 1968, Dr. William Wolff and Dr. Hiromi Shinya pioneered the development of the colonoscope which would give a visual representation of the large intestine. Though at first, the safety and efficiency of a colonoscopy were questioned, several successful Read More…

A Complete Preparatory Guide For Patients Before Undergoing Colonoscopy With Magnesium Citrate | April 6th, 2018

A colonoscopy can be done for various reasons. It can be done to detect the early stages of colon cancer or to remove polyps. In simple words, colonoscopy is usually performed by the doctors to get a clear picture of the intestine and lower abdomen to find out hidden issues. The procedure is simple and Read More…

4 Types Of Hemorrhoids That Can Affect You | March 26th, 2018

Hemorrhoids are not an easy disease. They are extremely painful and can lead up to other diseases. Hemorrhoids are embarrassing and can cause a lot of discomfort to a person suffering from it. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are visible as it is followed by blood loss, weakness, difficulty in passing stool, fatigue and bloating. Now Read More…

Cologuard Technology



Testing for colon cancer just got easier. If you don’t already know, Cologuard is a new competing technology for colon cancer screening that is simple and ease of use. It involves no prep, no sedation, and most importantly, its effective. What exactly is Cologuard? Cologuard is a cancer detection test. Specifically, it tests for genetic Read More…

Vernon Receives Recognition – North Carolina Gastroenterologist



The practice of Kurt Vernon, MD, The GI Guy, is proud to announce that we have received a ‘Tier 1 Designation”, a high quality recognition from one of the nation’s largest health insurers – Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.  BCBSNC Tiered Network utilizes administrative claims data to identify high quality, low cost providers and Read More…

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