3 Food Items That Give You An Active Mind!

Many of the Eastern holistic disciplines claim that an active and aware mental state is only possible when people have certain types of food. While there is a lot of scientific debate to it, there is no question that some foods take longer to break down in our body while others take far less time.

If you have any sort of interest in the science of Yoga, then there are broad classifications of food groups available there as well – which enhance your ability to contemplate and be aware of your surroundings. While there is still much research going on about this, some of these foods do undoubtedly make your mind a lot more active. And if you are looking to be in such a stage, then here’s a look at our top picks –

1.Fish for EPA and DHA

Even the best gastroenterologist would tell you to load up on fatty fish like salmon and others. Their fat contains plenty of essential fatty acids that cannot be produced by our body and hence need to be included in the diet.

DHA and EPA are well known to improve brain function and help it stay active – which is really the point of it all. However, what if you are a vegan? Thanks to nature, you can have things like flaxseed, soya beans, and pumpkin seeds to get these nutrients without much of a hassle!

2.Blueberries for anthocyanins

How many times have you felt that you cannot remember something you just said or were thinking of? Well, it happens to the best of us and it means that your short term memory is not as good as you would like it to be.

However, there is no need to feel left out or anything like that – the condition is pretty much curable without much of a problem. All you need to do is include some anthocyanin enriched foods to your diet – like blueberries. You could also go for foods that are dark red or purple colored, since these too have the very same compounds!

3.Tomatoes for antioxidants

Whether you have heard from a hemorrhoid specialist or a colonoscopy specialist, adding a lot of tomato to your over all diet is very important. Why? Because it is full of antioxidants and it reduces and prevents any chance of free radical damage to the brain. Also, it tastes pretty good in salads and burgers!

Now that you know the 3 foods that will help you sharpen your mind over time and keep your brain activity healthy, you should incorporate these things to your diet. It is going to so much better and you will find your performance getting better with time!

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