3 Things Your Gastroenterologist Would Tell Suggest To Keep You Healthy!

If you take a leap whenever you hear about GI endoscopy, then you shouldn’t be messing with your digestive health by eating things that are close to poisonous for you. However, often most people don’t know what is actually good or bad for them and end up reading non-specialized articles on the internet all asking them to do different things.

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Some talk about going vegetarian, while others point out how vegan is the only way to live for a man who are basically herbivores. While, we are sure that every one of them have some valid points, it’s scientifically very clear that a good digestive system comes from balance.

So, to help you in that effect, here is a conceptual understanding of what makes a balanced diet, so that you can make your own.

1. Protein is Important


Even if you don’t work out, you at least need 0.5 grams to 0.8 grams per kg of your body weight. These food items make up the building blocks of your body and keep your metabolism up and running for longer.

Also, if you were to put in some effort to be active, your body would synthesize protein better and make muscles out of them.

There are many sources of protein, both in the non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan camp. Find out which of those suit you and get cracking.

2. Carbs are Necessity


If you have ever visited a gastroenterologist in NC, then you would already know how important carbohydrates are. You could shift between simple carbs for instant energy or complex variants for slow release over a long period of time.

Of course if you are on your way to a colonoscopy in a week, you have got to avoid all types of high fibre complex carbs.

These are the complex sugar compounds that our body derives energy from and are essential nutrient for its proper working.

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3. Fats and Fibres are a Must


One might have read it a million times online or seen it even more on TV that fats are what make us unhealthy. However, this statement is one of the most unscientific specimens one could ever find.

Fats come in all shapes and sizes and the ones found in Avocados and nuts are definitely super healthy in moderation.

Fibers, on the other hand remain undigested but help in regular bowel movements and create a healthy gut for you.

All of the above nutrient groups are essential for a healthy mind and body and should not be ignored. So, make sure the diet you are following has all the necessary components in the right composition and balance to help you stay healthy in the long run.



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