4 Foods that Enhance Your Metabolism and Keep Your Gut Happy!

Our body uses food to build and then breaks it down when energy is scarce to give us something to work with this is the simplified version of the processes called anabolism and catabolism respectively. When both of them are put together, what we have is our metabolism and if that works in the right pace, humans process their food better and have less gut problems.

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So, in essence, all one needs to do is consume the types of foods that boost up the metabolism and keeps the engine running on full gear, so that they do not need to visit gastroenterology physicians NC that often. Hoping to find out what these are? That’s exactly what this blog is for – Let’s take a look:

1. Eat the Red Hot Flaming Peppers

Depending on the kind of tolerance you have for heat on your taste palette, hot peppers are a very good bet for metabolism spike. A large part of our digestion process starts with chewing itself, and eating hot and spicy food secretes more saliva, making a good headway. Also, hot peppers have a compound called capsaicin which stimulates blood flow and gives your digestive process a spike for close to three hours. Ever thought it would be this easy?

2. Sip Green instead of Black

If you love tea early in the morning, then you might as well shift to green tea – one of the most revered metabolism spike beverages there is. It may be bland and tasteless, but it does provide plenty of revving to your stomach engine and a few cups a day could make you feel light, unlike the caffeine-buzzed that you feel with coffee or other hot drinks. Green tea is also saturated with antioxidants that help relieve your body’s free radicals and detox you like never before. A routine drink every day will give you much better health and wellness over time and you can also add some flavors to mend the dullness in taste.

3. Trust Whole Grains Over Others

Complex carbs are probably the revelation of the century for nutritionists and dieticians and it would help you a lot if you incorporated it to your meal plan. These types of carbs do not cause insulin spikes that can slow down your metabolism in the long run. They are slow to release and that makes them last a lot longer, keeping the process running throughout – rather than the constant rise and plummet that simple carbs give you. Also, whole grains have their fiber content intact, and that just gives you a good head start to achieving your daily fiber goals and aiming for healthy bowel movements every day.

4. Water it Up

While this is not exactly in the food genre, it does have a huge part to play in your metabolic process. It keeps the blood flowing and modern water purifiers also spike up the antioxidant count in water, which cleanses your whole system at once. Drinking a healthy 3 to 4 liters of water every day, unless you have any sort of medical restrictions, can make you feel significantly better over time and that is what you should be aiming for.

These are the 4 foods that boost up your engine speed throughout the day allowing your body to build better and use better, as and when it requires. It also gives you a much healthier lifestyle and coupled with a half hour of exercise every morning, it can truly be your ticket to a better life. And if you do happen to still falter, professionals of gastroenterology Cary NC are always there to help.




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