4 Ways Your Gut Can Affect Your Overall Health

To quote ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, “All disease begins in the gut” and this statement has proved to be true. Your gut is more powerful than you can even comprehend. It affects the working of the rest of your body. Don’t believe this? Dr. Kurt Vernon, a GI specialist Fuquay-Vernon NC based ponders more on the topic by providing an insight into the importance of gut health. Here are four ways your gut can affect your overall health. Keep scrolling down to know more.

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It Affects Your Digestion

A healthy digestive tract is expected to have good digestion. The first sign of unhealthy gastrointestinal health is bad digestion. When there is an unhealthy balance of bacteria in the gut, it starts affecting the entire track. Acid burns become regular and irritable bowel (syndrome) will become your best buddy. About 45 million Americans suffer from an irregular bowel movement. If you are suffering from chronic digestive issues, it is better to change your food consumption and visit a specialist of gastroenterology doctors in Durham NC based.

Then Slowly Your Immunity

Once the bad bacteria are done affecting your digestive system, the next will be your immunity. Your gut is closely linked to your gut. In fact, 80% of your immunity is ruled by your gut health. So once your GI health is haywire, it will be your immunity system. Don’t be too surprised by you fall sick regularly. If a person sneezes in the next room, chances are you will have a runny nose the next day. No matter what you do, you will constantly fall prey to some sort of illness. And if the GI health goes unchecked for a long time, your immunity system will become weaker.

And Of Course Your Mood

And once you keep falling ill, your mood will be the next target. Here the mood is indicative of general feeling towards everything. You will frown more. You will be irritated more. Depression and anxiety will soon become a common thing for you. Your gut is often referred to as your second brain. This is because 500 million neurons are embedded in the intestinal walls. These are linked to the enteric nervous system, which regulates the chemicals responsible for regulating mood. Unhealthy gut will leave morbid signals, which will be intercepted as foul, thus, ruining your mood.

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Finally, Unaccounted Weight Gain

And once your mental health is affected, you will be able to see the signs of unhealthy gut reflecting in your body. You will start gaining weight. Yes, you will be able to experience externally the signs of affected GI health. Bacteria in your gut can affect the metabolism rate of your body. This will reduce your capacity to absorb the healthy calories. In fact, your body will start losing the ability to identify good calorie and bad calorie, which will further convert into fat and finally increase your overall weight.

It actually works in a cycle. All the steps will keep repeating themselves if they go accounted for. Dr. Kurt Vernon, a popular GI specialist advice all his patients to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. A healthy gut is important to be fit and strong. Take care of your gut health and everything else will fall into place. If the problem persists, it is ideal to visit Dr. Vernon and get yourself diagnosed and treated subsequently. A healthy gut is a sign of good life. Eat healthily, stay well!



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