Colonoscopy: The Risks And Preparing For The Procedure

Performed to detect and diagnose disorders of the colon and rectum, colonoscopy has become a medical marvel. Performed usually when the doctor detects colon cancer or abnormal growth of polyps, colonoscopy is a comprehensive procedure. A doctor usually keeps an eye on the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, undetected pain in the abdomen, rectal bleeding and persistent diarrhea before suggesting a colonoscopy.

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An extensive procedure, colonoscopy needs preparation and has a certain level of risk associated with it as well. Keep reading to find out more about the preparatory routine and the risks.

How To Prepare For a Colonoscopy

A Week Before The Colonoscopy

Once the gastroenterologist suggests a colonoscopy, you must start preparing for the exam. Inform the colonoscopy specialist in NC about your current medications. If you are diabetic or suffer from high pressure, or consume heart medications, do inform the doctor about it. from dosage to the power of the medicine, don’t skip out on any details. the body should be clear of any drugs before performing the procedure of colonoscopy due to the adverse risk of sedatives given. if the doctor advised to stop taking the medicines, do so. If not, you can continue with medicines as originally prescribed.

A Day Before The Procedure

To get a proper colonoscopy screening, you need to clear your large intestine. It is best to stick to a liquid diet the day before. Clear liquids like fruit and vegetable juice, water and energy drinks should be consumed only. All types of solid food, which requires digestion, should be avoided. In the evening, take a laxative, just as suggested by the doctor. Keep drinking water, for you will dehydrate after going to the washroom. If the laxative doesn’t empty your bowels, you can also take a prescribed dose of an enema. Also, stop consuming your medicines 12 hours before the colonoscopy is performed.

A Few Hours Before The Exam

Keep consuming liquids at least 3 hours before the procedure. Since you will be sedated during the procedure, it is better to take someone along with you.
After the procedure is performed, you may feel uneasy to the sudden exposure of air inside the colon. Within the next few hours, the after effects will fade.

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The Risk Of Colonoscopy

An otherwise safe procedure, colonoscopy has certain risks associated with it or we say risks of colonoscopy, which can be identified as follows.

  • Adverse reaction to the sedatives used during the exam.
  • Bleeding due to the removal of a polyp or abnormal tissue.
  • Tear or perforation in the rectum wall.
  • Unclear images due to the unclear colon. In such cases, the doctor would recommend a test soon again.

Thus, if you have undetected pain in the abdomen or have symptoms which suggest the presence of abnormalities in the colon, you should immediately schedule a colonoscopy. Reputed colonoscopy doctor NC based, Dr. Kurt Vernon is a name you can trust. With years of experience and specialty in colonoscopy, he performs the procedure safely and effectively, helping diagnose the real issue. Book an appointment today. Live a healthy life!


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