A Complete Preparatory Guide For Patients Before Undergoing Colonoscopy With Magnesium Citrate

A colonoscopy can be done for various reasons. It can be done to detect the early stages of colon cancer or to remove polyps. In simple words, colonoscopy is usually performed by the doctors to get a clear picture of the intestine and lower abdomen to find out hidden issues.

The procedure is simple and is completed within a few hours; however, to make sure that the process is unhindered and the picture is clear, you need to take laxative or magnesium citrate. Laxative clears your bowel completely by inducing watery stool to pass frequently till your stomach is completely empty.

There is a proper and prescribed procedure in which magnesium citrate has to be consumed before getting the colonoscopy done. The entire process has been summarized here. keep reading to prepare yourself.

7 Days Prior To The Procedure

  • Stop the intake of any kind of aspirin and vitamin supplements containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, garlic, ginger, saw palmetto and fish oils.
  • Avoid vegetables like popcorn, nuts, corn, broccoli, and beans.

Consult the doctor if you are consuming any other type of medicines before getting colonoscopy prep magnesium citrate.

colonoscopy prep magnesium citrate

3 Days Prior To The Procedure

  • Consult your doctor about taking blood thinners or anti-platelet agents. Do exactly what the gastroenterologist or colonoscopy doctor nc specialist asks you to do. Don’t try to replace these medicines without taking the consent of the doctor for it can lead to complications during the procedure.

The Day Before Colonoscopy

  • Stop eating anything solid. Your diet should be strictly comprised of clear liquids.
  • Clear liquids include broth, Jell-O, sodas, sports drinks, lemonade, coffee, and tea.
  • It is also advised to drink copious amount of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid red or purple colored liquids.
  • Avoid dairy products, soy, cream, orange juice or grapefruit juice (with pulp).
  • Sugar, honey, and lemon can be used for all those people with low blood sugar.

At 5 pm The Day Before

  • Drink 15 ounces of magnesium citrate. You can use a flavored one and chill it before the time for a better taste.
  • Follow the glass of magnesium citrate with 2 to3 eight ounces of clear liquids.
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of clear liquids till bedtime.
  • The laxative effect begins within 1-4 hours of consuming magnesium citrate.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to avoid feeling weak and dizzy.

 magnesium citrate for colonoscopy

On The Day of The Colonoscopy

  • Avoid having breakfast of any kind.
  • 6 hours prior to the procedure, consume another 15 ounces of magnesium citrate. This will help clear the bowel and allow the doctor get a clear picture. Follow it with 2-3 eight ounces glasses of water.
  • Skip all type of oral medications for the day.
  • Patients who have heart or high blood pressure problems should take their medicines normally.
  • Let the laxative work well before you travel.
  • Make sure you are accompanied by someone to the hospital. Don’t try to drive alone because you will be weak and under medications that might make you feel dizzy.

After The Procedure

  • The procedure can take some time, so don’t rush.
  • Colonoscopy may cause bloating and cramp due to the sudden exposure to air. It will be fixed within a few hours.
  • Apply Vaseline or soothing ointments to reduce irritation due to a frequent bowel movement.
  • You can eat after the colonoscopy is complete.
  • Avoid eating food if you had your polyp removed.

colonoscopy prep magnesium citrate

This complete guide to using magnesium citrate for colonoscopy will help you prepare well. The top doctors advise that you should take rest and stop stressing about the test. The laxative, if not consumed properly, can have severe side effects. So follow the information given and have a smooth procedure.


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