Could It Be More Than Just Your Regular Stomach Ache?

You would be surprised knowing just how many people take their serious angina pain as bad gas. In mistake and failing to get the right treatment on time, they eventually get heart attacks and heart failures, which often leads to sudden deaths.

Similar is the case with stomach aches. Under the shade of indigestion and menstrual cramps that they believe would eventually go away, many people completely neglect their abdominal pain. And this carelessness often unwantedly leads to something serious like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, gallstones, ulcer, diverticulitis and more some of these are untreatable and life-threatening, others, if not intervened at the right time, can linger life-long.

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So, here’s an important question for… answer it after thinking properly.

Could it be more than just your regular stomach ache that you felt last time? Is there any possibility that it could be serious? Or how sure are you that it isn’t some kind of critical gastroenterology disease?

Even if you’re in doubt by 0.01%, it’s important that you contact a good specialist today. Now.

Still hesitant? Too lazy? Unwilling to contact a doctor?
To help you through confusion and unanswered question, here are 5 signs that your abdominal pain is much serious than your average indigestion, heartburn, and constipation:

1. Recurring Pain Or Inflammation

If it’s indigestion, it would go away overnight. If not, you can actually change your diet and tweak physical activeness to fix the problem. However, if the pain and inflammation re-occur or persist longer than usual (more than 18 hours), understand that things aren’t that simple anymore.

2. Over-The-Counter Medicine Doesn’t Work

Yes, over-the-counter are usually very effective in treating common problems like indigestion. But in case, even after multiple doses, your favorite med hasn’t done the trick you were hoping for, you should definitely go to one of the qualified gastroenterology specialists in Cary for a proper diagnosis to identify the reason behind the ache or inflammation.

3. Pain In One Specific Area

It’s a bit uncommon to feel pain or discomfort for long and regularly in one or selected area of your stomach. If this happens to you, you better get serious about it and consult the doctor before this disorder reached the critical level.

4. Pain Accompanied By Other Symptoms

If the recurring pain or inflammation comes with other symptoms, it’s clearly not the good news. Other symptoms include bloating, flatulence, fever, vomiting, head pain, pain near heart and shoulder. If you find any of these indicators, you should contact a good gastroenterologist.

5. Family History Of Gastroenterology Disease

It’s shocking that so many people look over this aspect. While it isn’t always necessary, you are more likely to be carrying the disease that your father and grandfather had. So, if your family has a history of gastroenterology disease, it’s crucial that you reach out to a specialist immediately even if you don’t currently notice any symptom.

These are 5 very clear signs that your stomach ache isn’t just one of your regular indigestion, heartburn, and constipation. It’s much more serious than that. Get serious and get it treated before the problem grows and critically affect your lifestyle.



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