Experiencing Stomach Pain Or Constipation? You Might Have Colorectal Cancer!

Perhaps it isn’t what you ate last night. The root cause of your regular constipation or stomach ache could be something totally different something serious.

Did you know colorectal cancer is the third most common form of cancer diagnosed in both women and men in the USA?

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Or did you know it’s also the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths with about 50,630 people expected to die from it in 2018?

Even with its menace spread on such a large scale, it’s surprising just how less do we all talk about colorectal cancer in the mainstream. So, have you been careless towards your frequent stomach pain and diarrhea, you better get serious and approach the best gastroenterologist in NC. You might have colorectal cancer.

Of course, the specialist would tell you best after the required diagnosis, here are 4 early symptoms of colorectal cancer:

1. Reoccurring Stomach Pain

Having a recurring stomach ache for the food that you ate last week doesn’t fit common sense. In fact, such frequent pains – stomach or other parts – are usually always serious. Sadly, many people overlook such common signs of critical diseases and try to solve the problem through over-the-counter medicine. If you’re experiencing repeated pain in your stomach – more so in a specific part – it’s important that you take it with the highest of concern.

2. Blood In Bowel Movement

It’s exceptionally astounding that even this a rather evident sign of colorectal cancer gets overlooked in people’s inattentiveness. If you’re seeing blood in bowel movement or see blood in feces that makes the stool look black or dark, you must immediately rush to a gastroenterologist. Even when the diagnosis doesn’t conclude cancer, blood in bowel movement is never a good sign. You might have something different, which could be equally threatful.

3. Feeling “Full” Or Bloated In The Abdomen

It’s quite okay if you’re feeling full or bloated in the abdomen after a heavy meal. However, experiencing the same fullness isn’t very common if you haven’t eaten anything in the past few hours. It’s even more concerning if you feel like this recurrently. In such instances, your OTC medication might deliver you short-term relief, but in the long-run, you’ll be doing more harm to yourself. Head to a good Durham Gastroenterology center right away.

4. Feeling Tired And Dull

You had a full-night, satisfying sleep. But are you still feeling tired? Is fatigue getting the best out of you every day? It’s a tell-tale sign if accompanied by stomach pain, feeling fullness and an unexplained weight loss that you, indeed, have colorectal cancer. (Or maybe some other, equally critical, gastroenterology disease.)

These are 4 very basic symptoms of colorectal cancer. The early you get checked up by the doctor the better. With advances, we have made in the medical field, this type of cancer is treatable easily at that, under the right specialist and through an appropriate treatment. The only key here is that you act fast and at the earliest.

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