Fix Your Digestive Issues Before It Gets Out Of Control

Your car has just broken down in the middle of nowhere. AGAIN! And it is annoying. It is bad and you need to take it to the mechanic. After inspection, he declares that your car is in a bad condition and immediately needs its parts changed. You are worried about the dent it puts in your pocket. Even after fixing it, your car doesn’t feel the same and soon you have to sell it.

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Now just imagine that it is you instead of the car, the mechanic is your doctor and it is your digestive organs that are creating issues for you. You can change your car parts and fix them, but sorry, the same doesn’t apply to your body. A damaged organ remains damaged (can even become fatal) if not treated early on.

So act fast, and act wisely!

How To Know if Your Digestive Tract is Affected?

Just like your car, your body will show signs of being affected the wrong way. Your digestive organs- from your mouth to anus, each has a role to play, and if there is a slight issue there, the symptoms will be visible. So how do you know which symptoms to look out for? Here is a summarized list for you.

  • You will start losing appetite. This can be easily noticed by for all those people who love eating. So if you love eating and one fine day don’t feel like it, know something is wrong. But jump to conclusions yet!
  • You will feel bloated like almost all the time, even if you have skipped meals.
  • Nausea and weakness will be your constant companions.
  • You will notice blood clots in your poop or vomit.
  • Heartburns will bother you.
  • A dull ache in your abdomen are will bog you down, making you feel annoyed and helpless.

If you have any two or more (or all) the symptoms, please visit a doctor. Popular gastroenterologist wake forest nc, Dr. Kurt Vernon is here to help you out of your misery. He uses his 20 years of experience and the latest equipment to diagnose your real problem, providing the right treatment thereafter.

But hold your guns! You can actually fix it yourself, by taking right care. Stop the issue before it grows.

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And To Fix it You Need to…

  • First, start eating healthy. Cut out those high calories, low in fiber, fat-filled junk food from your diet. They give birth to bacteria in your stomach, make your liver fatty and affect your bowel movement.
  • Second, start eating foods which are high in fiber. Green vegetables, fruits, and whole wheat products are great choices. Have nuts when you are hungry for they contain good fats, important for your supreme health.
  • Drink copious amount of water every day. We are looking at 3 to 4 liters per day.
  • Don’t pop in medicines without consulting your doctor.
  • Digestive diseases can affect any of your organs (other than your stomach of course). Get a routine colonoscopy or endoscopy done to know the internal situation.

If you feel sick for no explainable reasons, visit the doctor immediately. Dr. Vernon is regarded as one of the best digestive health specialists in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Fix an appointment with him and get yourself checked thoroughly. He charges a nominal amount of consultation fee.

Prevention is always better than cure! Be healthy, be happy and live long!


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