How To Increase Insulin Sensitivity And Reduce Fat Gain?

Insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in our body and if utilized the right way, it can help us build muscle and also reduce fat gain in our body. But how? To know the secret, one has to understand what is insulin sensitivity!

This is a phenomenon that makes a human body more sensitive to the hormone, and blood glucose levels are regulated with low amounts of it. This makes it more efficient in carrying amino acids to the muscle tissues, which are then used for repair of the body, building muscle and in turn losing fat. In this blog, we discuss a few ways in which you can make your body more insulin sensitive and trigger this hormone –

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  1. Eating plenty of non-starchy veggies

Starch is a simple carb and reduces insulin sensitivity, increasing the volume of the hormone that is released into the body, storing more glycogen in the muscles, and in excess turning glucose into fat.

However, consumption of non-starchy leafy greens like broccoli, help you regulate your blood glucose and do not trigger high levels of insulin into your blood. This makes it easy for the hormone to carry more amino acids for muscle repair and building.

  1. Exercising after or before meals

The best gastroenterologist in NC will always tell you that going for light exercise before meals or a brisk walk after is great for your insulin sensitivity. Exercise spends glycogen stored in muscles and invariably lowers your blood glucose levels.

For people who are more inclined to sit around after heavy meals, insulin sensitivity decreases and over time these people can find a lot of fat increase in their overall body. This will eventually bring a lot of diseases to the body, the most common of which include gut problems and obesity.

  1. Eating the proteins first

If you have a big meal coming up and there are simple carbs in the meal, eat the protein foods like chicken, fish, or the meat first. This lowers the blood glucose levels and makes it an optimum condition to bring more amino acids to your muscles. The simple carbs that you have after will then be easily regulated with a little bit of insulin release.

These are the 3 ways in which you can increase your overall insulin sensitivity and make sure that your muscles are fed with the right food. Muscle build up has been widely associated with fat loss and this is one of the ways in which you can tackle your excess fat storage.

Coupled with this if you add in some more fiber, enough water, and the right kind of food, then you will have the chance to prevent most of the gastroenterology diseases that the common man faces.



How To Increase Insulin Sensitivity And Reduce Fat Gain?


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