Pack Up On These Super Foods To Keep Your Gut Healthy!

If you visit health blogs often, then you must have heard of the term superfood somewhere or the other. However, what are superfoods? Since the word food comes with the prefix ‘super’, there must be some criteria to it!

To be honest, it is more of an advertisement thing – but some foods do have the quality to be called this term and bring in more than one positive effect to your gut. These foods are also recommended by GI specialists Hope Mills and you should definitely know them!

1.The Power of Leafy Greens

Ever since you were little, your parents must have always encouraged you to get an extra serving of the salad, and whether you liked it or did not, leafy greens are important. These veggies have fiber, iron, minerals, and vitamins that work wonders for your system and keeps it clean.

Plus, it is rich in the chlorophyll pigment that keeps you fungus free for the most part. It is also associated with antioxidants that play an important role in neutralizing your body’s free radicals – something that decreases the chance of future illnesses. Leafy greens include spinach, kale, swiss chard, lettuce, turnip greens, and the likes. You can buy a single type or an assortment depending on your taste.

2.Fish Meat is Best Meat

If you want a diet option that is easy to digest, filled with vitamins and minerals, and easily available, then a pescatarian diet is the right option.

Having been classified as a white meat, fish is good for the body and supplies the much necessary omega 2 fatty acids that are great for joint health. Fish is also rich in vitamin A and protein and is known to improve eyesight and promote lean muscle growth. There are plenty of fish in the sea too, and you do not to commit to a certain taste profile for longer than you like!

3.Nuts are a Muts ( *Must)

Weird attempt to rhyming aside, the nuts food camp has pretty strong claims to the superfood title. It is filled with lots of good fats, protein, minerals, and fiber. A serving a day can keep your immune system clock a good speed and your gut is going to happy as well.
However, the best thing about nuts is its availability. Today you can find tons of variety in every super market you go too – and all of them are good for you. It is a great option if you are dieting and is it can be eaten in low quantities and help you stay full for longer!

4.Tomatoes are the Dark Horse

You probably did not see this coming and we are not surprised. This fruit is often categorized as a vegetable and is filled with nutrients like potassium, folate, and vitamin C. Tomatoes are known to prevent diseases like cancer and heart diseases. It is always available and goes with a number of dishes – owing to this flexibility in character, the tomato should definitely be considered a super food!
These are the top 4 of our list and they are not written in any particular order. Introducing these to your regular diet is going to give you better gut health, immunity, and the likes. And keep viewing this spot for more – we are going to comeback with our next 4 of this list!

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