The Importance of Magnesium Citrate for a Colonoscopy!

If you are on your way to a colonoscopy, then there are a few things you should prepare for to make sure that the procedure is carried through without any sort of hindrance. This blog is going to discuss the importance of Magnesium Citrate in your prep for a colonoscopy and why you should take it as prescribed and very seriously!

When you take magnesium citrate colonoscopy, it helps your body to clear the intestines in the best possible way and make sure that the tract is completely vacated for the procedure. But why go for this particular compound, there are all sorts of fiber supplements, laxatives, and stool softeners available?

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The main reason to use magnesium citrate is that it is one of the most effective ways to get a clear tummy. While other types of laxative definitely give you relief from constipation, magnesium citrate tops the list in its efficacy. Here’s the kind of magnesium citrate dosage you need before day of colonoscopy

1. Drink a bottle of magnesium citrate at around 5 p.m. on the day before the procedure and follow it up with 24 ounces of water. During this session, make sure you are always near a toilet facility and can access it at the shortest notice. The impending pressure is going to make it difficult for any sort of delay, if the need be.

2. Don’t forget to take in a lot of clear liquids and keep yourself hydrated at all times it is absolutely essential.

3. Have the second bottle of magnesium citrate and follow it up with water. Also, don’t eat or drink anything 3 hours prior to the whole procedure.

As it is very evident from the above-prescribed procedure, magnesium citrate along with Dulcolax pills are very important to ensure the success of the procedure. Why? Because the clearer the tract is, the easier it is for doctors to spot any sort of incongruency in the tract and deal with it accordingly.

The colonoscopy procedure involves setting up a micro camera in the tract, and it is important that there is no amount of foreign material in the colon. So, make sure you abide by all the directions given by your doctor to the T. Also, on the day of the procedure, there is no need for you to panic or feel nervous. If you take care of all directions, then there are no reasons to worry about colonoscopy risks at all!


The Importance of Magnesium Citrate for a Colonoscopy!


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