The Problem Today with Most Diets Online!

Are you trying to commit to a better lifestyle? Does looking at yourself in front of a full size mirror make you feel bad about yourself. Having a healthy life is more than a bout of weight loss and that is where most people go wrong.

Everyone from dietitians to social media influencers are handing out certified scientific diets to people – ranging from anywhere between 12 days weight loss diet to 6 months and more. But the GI specialist Dunn are not happy with these.


For simple reasons really. And if you are someone who wants to start a new movement towards living better than to just fit in some party dress, then you should definitely give these a look –

GI specialist North Carolina


1.It comes with a time limit – Most diets come with a time limit – and that is the problem. It is exactly what is wrong with transformation gym routines – it is expected to give you a certain result after a certain period of time.

But that is not what life is about. A time limit can get you a result, but its not going to hold you their once you stop following that diet. That is the problem. A real commitment to lifestyle should have no end at all, because that is exactly what healthy ‘living’ means. Otherwise, people would just call it ‘healthy couple of weeks’.

2.There is no balance in these diets – Whenever you are opting for any sort of sustainability, there should be a balance. You could have cheese, chicken and broccoli for a couple of weeks, but not forever.

If you think about it, our body needs carbs for energy, fats for storage and a lot of other stuff, and proteins for building muscle. Most of modern day fad diets have ample protein, low or high fat, and almost always low carbs. Over time, the average man who follows these kind of diets will feel lethargy, lose a lot of brain function, and get into depression as well. Now you see where the problem lies with modern dieting?

3.It takes your body on a roller-coaster ride – Sure, you will find tons of reports that claim that a ketosis diet will cause no harm to your digestive system when adopted. But that is far from the truth – and not because it’s wrong (which might be the case too), but because sample sizes are mostly homogenous in nature.

People from different climates, with different levels of emotional stress, and good or bad quality of gut biome may have a lot of problems with these kind of drastic diets. And these are almost never factored it. So, if you start a fad diet today, and get an erectile dysfunction or stomach ulcer tomorrow, who are going to blame? Your social media training coach who has given you the diet from thousands of miles away? Seems a bit arbitrary, doesn’t it?

These are the problems that most GI specialist North Carolina have with modern day diets. So, just go to a certified and experienced dietician, ask them for a balanced and tasty diet, and add in an exercise regime of your choice. You might get to your body goals within weeks, but when you do, it shall all be worth it!



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