Things You Should do to Keep Your Gut Microbiome Healthy!

Recent studies have shown that the microbiome in our gut is as important to us as our genes. With around 2kg of total microbiome weight in our gastrointestinal tract, these organisms contribute a large part of our wellbeing. From breaking down food and toxins to dealing with enzymes, and taking vitamins, these micro-organisms should always be looked after, because they play an integral part in our daily survival.

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How You Ask?

Researchers have found out that the gut microbiome is responsible for the mental health of individuals and vice versa. This is one of the many reasons why scientists think that keeping your gut ecosystem healthy can lead to more fulfillment in life. But, what does one need to do to bring all of this to fruition. Let’s take a look –

1. Plant-Based Foods In Variety Should Comprise Majority Of Your Diet

The different microbes in our gut need different types of food and it would be good for your gut if you keep consuming more plant-based foods. A good start would be expanding your greens and veggies horizon to cover more diversity and keep your microbe system happy and healthy. Even the best gastroenterologist in NC would tell you to keep broccoli, spinach, kale, and other greens in your diet.

2. Fiber Is Also a Necessity

A healthy adult human should consume anywhere between 25 to 30 grams of fiber from their diet and it is very important, not only for healthy bowel movements, but also to keep your gut bacteria feeding on the right kind of food that they like. A good fiber intake can start making you feel healthier from the inside in a few days, and you will know the benefits of a balanced diet.

3. Live Yogurt Is The Need Of The Hour

A lot of gastroenterologists prescribe patients to have live yogurt that is a breeding ground for good bacteria and improves overall gut health for you. In fact, your microbe environment could perform a lot better and protect you from a lot of gut problems in the long run. Also, it helps diversify the entire environment of microbes, which in turn leads to better immunity and breakdown of food than before.

If you are hard on finding live yogurt, then you can also use probiotic supplements as an alternative because these too contain good bacteria in them and keep your ecosystem of microorganisms varied for best results.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Be The Friend You Need

If you want your gut microbes to get the right polyphenols from the fat you eat, then extra virgin olive oil should be your choice of fat. These keep your gut microbiome healthy and ensure that your gut ecosystem stays on top ensuring that the food you eat is always healthy and you are in a healthy state of mind.

These are the 4 things that you can do to keep your gut microbiome healthy in the long run and also have better overall health. And if something still feels wrong, you can always contact a colonoscopy doctor NC to get a checkup and find out what it is that is bothering you.




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