Why Top Gastroenterologists Recommend a 20 Minutes’ Walk Every Day?

If you are living the urban life today, then it is pretty much given that you don’t have much of an active lifestyle. However, all that inactivity is slowly taking a toll on your body and you might even start developing diseases you had no idea about. This is one of the main reasons why you need to at least walk 20 mins every day.

But why would you do that? And what benefit does it provide for your body? Well, top gastroenterologist specialists, walking is the most doable exercise and it does help a lot. Here’s a look at some of the processes it kickstarts. Let’s take a look –

1.Lowers risk of cardiovascular ailments

It is no news that cardiovascular diseases is one of the most pressing medical concerns in America right now and going for a 20 mins walk everyday can help you avoid it. It keeps your heart pumping and brain healthy, with plenty of oxygenation and endorphins everywhere that make you feel happy and satisfied.

Also, it helps you sleep deeper and well, which in turn wakes you up properly refreshed and recovered. So, why not?

2.Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

After every meal, our insulin level fluctuates tremendously depending on our diet and over time, it can become one of the main reasons behind developing Type 2 Diabetes. Now, it is no surprise that it could be a close to fatal chronic condition that would last you a lifetime.

top gastroenterologist

The only way to help it and preventing it from happening is moderate exercise, and that is what walking does for you. It reduces blood insulin spike, increases insulin sensitivity, and also helps our metabolism increase with better guidance of food material down the GI tract!

3.Reduces your body weight and induces a state of fat loss

You don’t need to know about gastroenterologist studies to find out that exercise reduces and promotes fat loss. Brisk 20 mins walks are no less, and they burn some of the calories you consume throughout the day, making it difficult for you to gain pounds over the time period.

These are the 3 good things that happen to your body, every time you go for a brisk 20 minutes’ walk and you should too. In the long run, you will improve your endurance and overall longevity – and can even make quite the difference in your health by using this as a gateway towards better fitness aspirations. So, what are you still waiting for?



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