4 Types Of Foods That Are Enemies Of Your Gastrointestinal Health

The food you eat has an immense impact on your quality of life. Whether or not you will be healthy depends completely on what you devour. When it comes to maintaining a healthy gut health, some foods are a treasure. However, there are many which can cause your digestive health go topsy-turvy. And no points for guessing but you should stay away from them. Which foods are being referred to here? Keep reading to find out.

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Food Containing Gluten

To get the fact right, gluten is a type of protein that is found in many grains including wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten gives your food a good texture and makes it tastier as well. However, gluten can do some very nice (note the sarcasm) to your gut health. There are quite a few people who are sensitive to gluten, but if you are not and consume it on a regular basis, it can affect the good bacteria in your gut, ensuring that you develop digestive issues like indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome.

To avoid it, you can eat anything that doesn’t contain gluten. Gluten-free substitutes can be found for almost all types of food you can think of. Make the change and your gut will thank you later.

Food Containing Sugar

Popular best gastroenterologist Durham, Dr. Kurt Vernon advice his patients and practically everyone to avoid sugary foods at all cost. Yes, they do give a satisfying taste to your tongue, but for your body, it is a crime. White sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, cookies and practically any food made of sugar is harmful to your body. They lead to gaining weight, while severely affecting your gut bacteria. If you don’t cut down on your sugar consumption, the consequences can be life-threatening.

To avoid it, you can replace sugar with honey. If you crave chocolate, remember that the dark ones are actually good for your health.

Processed and Fast Food

This category doesn’t even need explanation. So much has been said about this particular topic, it is imminent. However, for safe checking, if you want a long and healthy life, try to avoid processed and fast foods. They contain sugar, they contain gluten, they contain high levels of calories and they contain bad bacteria. So if you thought that how one pack of chips or a slice of pizza can possibly harm you, think again.

To avoid it, and satisfy your junk craving, you can opt for healthier versions. Try homemade oven baked French fries, or spice it up with zucchini fries, broccoli fries, and similar healthy foods. Try using olive oil or coconut oil to make sure that you don’t consume unwanted calories.

Dairy Products

If you are lactose intolerant, then this point will definitely not interest you. But if you are not, it is time to bid adieu to dairy products from your diet. Now you might be imagining that dairy contains antibiotics, and they are lifesavers! So how can they be harmful? Anything in excess can never be good. So if you consume too many dairy products, the good and bad bacteria get mixed up, which throws your gut health down the gutter. In regulation, they are good. In excess, they are not!

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To avoid consuming too much of dairy products, you can replace all of it with yogurt. It is healthy and also aids weight loss.

Thus, if you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good gastrointestinal health, it is better to avoid the above-mentioned foods. One of the best Dunn gastroenterologist, Dr. Kurt Vernon advice to eat healthily and consume everything in moderation. If you wish to lead a fit life, it is better to be mindful of the food you chomp on. If you are suffering from gut issues, it is better to get checked. Book an appointment with Dr. Vernon today!




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