9 Signs That You Have a Bad Digestive Health And Foods That Cure

Digestive health is important. You know it is! Without a properly functioning gut, nothing seems to be right. It affects your health, your mood; in short, your general well-being. For proper functioning of the gut, you need to have a proper balance between the good and bad bacteria. However, if the latter forms too much familiarity inside your gut cavities, the issues can be momentous. It is amazing to know that the human body is designed to perform miracles. It will give you signs if there is a slight internal misbalance. So if you have an affected gut health, there will be very prominent signs. But what kind of symptoms are we talking about? Keep reading to know more.

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Signs That Warn Of An Unhealthy Digestive Health

  1. You suffer from gas and bloating along with acid reflux and heartburn.
  2. You have developed sudden allergies.
  3. You have developed mood swings, with anxiety being a common factor.
  4. You remain irritated most of the time.
  5. You have been suddenly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.
  6. You fall sick very often.
  7. You have poor memory and your concentration power seems to be shaken.
  8. You have developed skin problems like eczema.
  9. You are gaining or losing weight suddenly.

If you are regularly facing these issues, take a cue that there is something wrong with your digestive health. It is important to visit digestive health specialists and get your GI health checked. Unhealthy gut can affect your overall health. It can make you sick and rapture your immune health. Notice the symptoms and take the right step to having a good gut health.

There are certain foods which are better for your digestive health than others. Some might be healthy in general but can have an adverse effect on your gut. For instance, berries are known for boosting the immune system; however, consuming them daily can affect the digestive health by helping develop an infection in the intestines. Same goes for chilies. They can increase your metabolism but can disturb your digestion. So what foods do the doctors recommend? Read the list to find out.

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  • Yogurt is a superfood that contains good bacteria, which helps digest your food well. It makes the natural flora of your gastrointestinal health flourish, thus, keeping your gut healthy.
  • Kimchi is a South Korean food that includes cabbage, radish, onion and loads of spice. Each of the components of Kimchi ensures smooth movement of the bowel. It is also extremely healthy and can keep your tongue and stomach, both happy and healthy.
  • Lean meat and fish are filled with good fat. They are easy on the stomach as well. Chicken and fish are packed with proteins which ensure to help make your digestive functions regular and proper. They can also prevent colon cancer.
  • Whole grains include everything from brown bread, brown rice, oats, and quinoa. High in fiber, whole grains help in digestion. If consumed in right proportions, they can help lower cholesterol levels as well. Combine with high fiber vegetables to get proper nutrition from a small power-packed bowl.
  • Bananas help restore normal bowel movement, especially if you have been suffering from diarrhea. They also help soften the stool, thus relieving people with constipation. With high amounts of potassium and electrolytes, they fill your stomach and are great for your overall health.

Thus, consuming these foods can help make your digestive system better. If problems still persist, it is better to get yourself checked by one of the most popular North Carolina digestive specialists, Dr. Kurt Vernon. Book an appointment today and fight any type of gastrointestinal diseases.




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