How Avoiding a Colonoscopy Could Turn Absolutely Fatal!

Many people who are prescribed a colonoscopy often become very nervous and try to avoid or delay the procedure to cope with their minds. However, such motivations will often be aggressively adverse to one’s wellbeing. Why?

For one, there is a reason that a doctor has prescribed the procedure and just thinking about the colonoscopy risks is being a little paranoid. To understand and not be intimidated by the whole process, this blog is going to look into what the process is, and why avoiding it could become fatal.

Colonoscopy: A little brief!

It is medical procedure in which the doctor inserts a slim scope with a tiny video camera and light attached at the top of its head into a person’s colon and large intestine, through the rectum. As invasive as that might sound to you, the process is not that hurtful at all. Patients are sedated with local anesthetics and all kinds of diet and medication changes are made from beforehand to ensure that the process is done in a smooth manner.

Good enough. Now let’s come to the why?

Generally, a colonoscopy doctor NC will ask you to go through the procedure when they find that there might be some unexpected tissue growth in your intestine. But, if that does not sound serious enough to you, you might that is not necessary, which will be a grave mistake.


Avoiding a Colonoscopy could become fatal!

While a colonoscopy itself might not seem like life saving process and feels more like the doctor’s taking a look – it’s not true. Medical professionals use the procedure to scope for polyp growth in the intestinal tracts and also remove it, if there are any.

colonoscopy benefits

Sounds pretty harmless right?

Far from it. A polyp is basically an abnormal tissue growth in the tract and it is best to be removed at its earliest. If you don’t believe us, then here’s what the lifecycle of a polyp looks like –

First there is a benign state where there is hyperproliferation which then turns into adenomatous polyps. This is the best point of identification and removal of the tissue, which should then be cultured in biopsies, to find the nature of the abnormal growth. However, if it is delayed, the polyp goes into dangerous grounds – severe dysplasia, also known as the precancerous polyp.

One more step from this and the tissue growth becomes malignant, multiplying abnormally and rapidly into an adenocarcinoma and finally invasive cancer!

The moral of the story is much like the mountain and the rat – while the consists of a small insignificant part, if unchecked for too long, it could dig a hole that is enough to shake the very foundations of your wellbeing – and you don’t want that. So, if your doctor has asked for a colonoscopy, you better get one as soon as possible!


How Avoiding a Colonoscopy Could Turn Absolutely Fatal!


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